You're a magician and you need coffee to perform rituals... obviously.

Not every ritual needs the same type of coffee... also obviously, this isn't your first rodeo! Luckily, you can summon coffee from your left hand, and milk from your right. 

Match the coffee swatch in the top left of the screen, so you can complete each ritual.

Created in 48 hours for Game Jam Aotearoa 2021, with the theme "Light and Dark." 


WASD - move left hand

E - summon coffee

IJKL - move right hand

U - summon milk

P - pause

Z (when paused) - restart game


Liquid Particle Textures: "Unity Particle Pack 5.x" by Unity Technologies

Wood Planks Material and Textures: "FREE Stylized PBR Textures Pack" by Lumo-Art 3D

Potted plants/cup: "CoffeeShop Starter Pack" by Puzzled Wizard

The view: "City Voxel Pack" by PoèMe

Skyboxes: "Farland Skies - Simple Cumulus" by Borodar

Table and some other props: "Low Poly Dungeons Lite" by JustCreate

Curtains: "Furnished Cabin" by Johnny Kasapi

Shaders: "Toony Colors Free" by Jean Moreno (JMO)


Hands: "Polygon Prototype" by Synty

Potions & misc props: "Polygon Adventure" by Synty

(Both provided for free - thanks for sponsoring Game Jam Aotearoa 2021!)

Music: Lofi hip hop mix - Beats to Relax/Study to [2018] 

All logo text from of course.

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